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Exclusive private fitness & adventure travel!
The perfect combination of personal training and adventure traveling!!

Located on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico with its wild jungle, long white sandy beaches, fascinating Cenotes and famous Mayan ruins, we have the best conditions for your next Fitness & Adventure Travel.

With Corzox you'll receive an individual Adventure Travel day full of adrenaline and fitness exercises personalized for you.

What is Corzox?
We are a german-mexican adventure travel company located in the northern coast town Chelem close to the heart of Yucatan, Merida.
Specialized in creating private and totally personalized adventure memories in combination with fitness training.
We are professional and passionate adrenaline seekers who love electrifying adventures and a nice workout.

What can you expect?
You simply choose your preferred adventures and the date you'd like to experience them.
All the organisational part will be covered by us and you can simply relax and enjoy your stay to the fullest.
Additionally all of our Corzox experts are multilingual fitness & adventure specialists and will assist and lead you through your whole stay.
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